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A will is a required legal document that allows you decide how you would like your estate, savings and investments to be handled after your death. Also the will give you permission to state who you want to be responsible for the care of your children. The court makes decision in the absence of a Will. There are multiple types of Wills and each of them has a different purpose, depending on the different factors of your real estate.

Simple Will form is a document that lets you to explain what you want to happen to your property after your death. With Simple Will form you may:
• Specify who receives your belongings and assets after your death.
• Nominate a guardian to care for and raise your minor children after your death.
• Identify the person to manage the distribution of your assets after your death.

The Simple Will Codicil form can be used to fix your Simple Will to change the choices that you made when the it was created. Amendments may be desired for a number of reasons, if your situation has changed or you simply have changed your mind.

The Simple Will Package (Single) connects several useful documents all into one package.
The Simple Will Package (Single) includes the following items:
• Simple Will Organizational
• Section

The Joint Simple Will connects several useful documents all into one package for married couples. The Joint Simple Will includes:
• Simple Will (one for each spouse)
• Organizational Section (one for each spouse)
• Uniform Statutory Form Power of Attorney (one for each spouse)
• Advanced Health Care Directive (one for each spouse)
• Checklist for Executor/ Personal Representative